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What Did Roe v. Wade Actually Change?

After the recent Supreme Court decision, many American women wondered what this meant for their rights and voice. This ruling gave the power back to the states and allowed locally-elected officials to decide abortion regulations for their states. HOW DID THIS RULING CHANGE AMERICA? Before the June 2022 decision, Roe v. Wade granted the federal

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How to Handle the Holidays with an Unplanned Pregnancy

For some of us, the thought of the holiday season and time spent with family brings anticipation and joy. And while families should be a safe space to land, they can sometimes be complicated, messy, broken, and even toxic. If you’re in the middle of making a pregnancy decision, you may find you’re dreading the

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What is a Pregnancy Resource Center?

You might have heard someone mention a Pregnancy Resource Center or recently seen one in your community, but you’re not sure what they’re all about. Simply put, Pregnancy Resource Centers are non-profit organizations that offer free pregnancy services to the community. They also offer resources, such as educational materials, supplies, and information about what services

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5 Ways to Encourage a Friend with an Unplanned Pregnancy

You’ve been best friends for years, but you didn’t see this one coming. What now? What can you do? How can you help? You don’t have to be a counselor or an expert to be a really good friend. Here’s five simple ways you can encourage your friend who is dealing with an unexpected pregnancy.

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Considering A Self-Managed Abortion? Know These Important Facts First

A self-managed abortion is when a woman terminates her pregnancy without any supervision or assistance from a medical professional. You may have missed a period and taken an at-home pregnancy test (or five!). You weren’t planning to get pregnant and now you’re wondering what to do. You may have heard about abortion-on-demand or self-managed abortions

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How Soon After Sex Can I Know If I’m Pregnant?

It’s important to understand the facts about ovulation and fertilization, as well as be informed about emergency contraception, or the “Plan B” pill. Once you start menstruating, about every month, a mature egg within one of your ovaries is released into the fallopian tube. This process is called ovulation. The egg can survive in the

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